The company was established in 1999 in order to develop the concept of a broad-based service provider within the commercial flooring sector.

Dan Uys Consulting consists of Dan himself, who manages the company, André, who manages commercial projects from inception and completion, and Stephen, who heads up the residential division.

Using his combined experience in all sectors of the industry built up over years of managing projects on a national basis, Dan set out to provide a comprehensive advisory facility with the added value of facilitating and managing commercial flooring projects. This enabled the client to address all aspects of flooring through one entity.

The concept was well received and the company has grown steadily over the years to a point where we are able to manage projects of any size in any region within RSA.

This is achieved by effective management of a network of trustworthy co-contractors country wide with whom solid relationships have been established over many years and many projects.

Dan Uys Consulting consists of Dan himself, who manages the company, André, who manages projects from conception to completion and Kim, who manages administration. When work-load pressures demand additional personnel, we are able to call on several experienced flooring project coordinators who provide their expertise on a contract basis. A network of up to 16 teams country-wide, each skilled within their own discipline, is brought into use according to projects’ specific requirements.

We operate an independent marketing office from which we service individual and commercial clients based in the Western Cape and nationally. Our extensive experience in the corporate sector, retail store industry as well as the hospitality industry ensures a competent approach to projects from advising on specification through execution and completion of projects, whilst interfacing with clients at a professional level.

In conclusion, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a comprehensive, efficient service to both our existing and future clients.